About Me

Stefan Barjaktarevic

I’m an anthropologist, screenwriter and filmmaker. I created this blog as a place to share my thoughts on history, politics and contemporary social dynamics, especially in West Asia (the so called “middle east”), Southeastern Europe and East Africa; I want to connect with students, researchers, journalists and other people that are interested in these topics.

The name of this blog, The Bad Scientist, is a homage to a filmmaking crew I am affiliated with to this day: The Bad Artists. And as it is important to me, I will every once in a while write a thing or two about movies, graphic novels + manga, underground hip hop, and how that connects to anthropology.

I have my main occupation, so this blog will remain a place of casual writing and self expression.


All recommendations and external links are out of good will and non-commercial. I’m chronically broke.

Twitter: @StefBarjak