“You have to know how much good there is”

Danny Casale aka Coolman Coffeedan is a filmmaker and self proclaimed “bullshit animator” mainly producing small clips on facebook and instagram. His videos are textbook examples of minimalistic but effective editing, writing and voice acting.

I discovered his channel when I saw his short clip “snakes have legs”. Following his instagram page I noticed a lot of talent for voice acting and editing. I am not sure to which degree his work is scripted or improvised but the pacing of his dialogs is great. To call his drawings minimalistic is probably a overstatement but there seem to be more to it. There are reoccuring characters and his unique style seem to have an internal logic, but who knows.

Why writing a post about him?

Simply, there was turning point I want to share with you. For me, “Coolman Coffeedan” was a bunch of funny clips with a hidden talent underneath. But recently, I discovered this particularly beautiful work of his that impressed me. I feel like finally that hidden talent is coming to the surface:

Credit: @Danny Casale via instagram.

I love looking for new talents who bring something original to the table and I hope you share that appreciation. Consider following him. I am definitely looking forward to his next clips.

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