Marvel’s Black Panther: Overrated Revolution?

Black Panther came out and the hype surrounding it made me unfold the struggle i have with Marvel productions and the superhero genre in general.

There are so many good film makers crafting politically relevant movies that are simply ignored. Now Black Panther cames out and everyone feels like a hero stuffing money into Marvel.

I was exited for a movie like Black Panther, but the problem is there is no greater champion of capitalist and soulless movie production than Marvel at the moment. Granted, sometimes they are doing something outside the norm. Avoiding a clichée here and there, but it doesn’t change anything. Self irony without self criticism is insincere. That seems to be a trend among superhero movies. Deadpool, for example: Celebrated for “breaking with super hero genre clichées” and being a “game changer” without actually changing anything. It is pointing out clichées, the audience is laughing (Thank god, they got it!) but then, Civil War is still celebrated as if it was a good movie…

Speaking of good movies: I appreciate Watchmen. It doesn’t brag about how they change everything. They just do it without announcing it. the plot hits the audience in the face. Black Panther, in comparison, seems like bread and circuses. As if the movie is saying “see? I can break out of the pattern. Here you got it, now shut up”.

But it is cultural impact nevertheless. Let us take the bitter pill and hope that this will kick off a new wave that will give back a chance of competition for underground movie makers and writers. It is a good beginning. Although the revolutionary value of Black Panther might be overrated in this regard, its impact on the future of super hero movies cinema is yet to be seen.

So let’s be optimistic.

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