The more you read, the less you know

If I knew what anthropology is, I would start it earlier and skipped all the years of (re)orientation. Now I finally arrived in a field i am comfortable with. But the more I learn about it, the more it becomes obscure.

Anthropology is good in asking questions. Every answer given is only preliminary, leading to even more questions. There is a good thing about it: A student of anthropology will probably never feel like there is nothing left to explore. The statement “born too late to explore the world and born too early to explore the universe” does not apply to anthropologists. The world is changing and the universe of human life is opening up more and more.
Every theory and every work done is not meant for eternity. The field is constantly changing, so are the researchers. There are new theories and new ways of dealing with old problems.

The anthropologist is on a constant quest for new questions. Never resting and being contented with a simple answer. The journey is the destination and I like this kind of approach. That’s the same way I think about martials arts.  There is no universal methodology to every single problem. You have to be flexible, dynamic and open for new  ideas. And most importantly: You have to be self critical. You cannot contribute any value to anyone if you are not able to look at yourself and grow. Your experience will make your findings unique.


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