Politics and Power, by Thomas H. Eriksen

Chapter 11, titled “Politics and power” of Thomas Eriksen’s book Small Places, Large Issues: An introduction to social and cultural anthropology is a great summary of what political power is and how it is implemented in different contexts,  especially in decentralized hierarchies, outside the usual institutions such as states and parliaments for which he cites and compares different case studies from West Asia and Africa.

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The end of policing – Part 1 of X

On the matter of police abolishment, I consider myself “moderate”, for now. I see the argument and I sympathize but I am not sure about it yet. And I believe my indecisiveness is not that much a matter of principle as it is a matter of my own insecurity and lack of knowledge. It is a journey for me, as I try to find my place in this discourse as well as in the political spectrum as a whole.

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