What happened to The Hive?

As a lover of podcast, I wanted to produce one myself for a long time. And as announced, I actually produced three episodes but I didn’t publish them.

Working on “The Hive”, was a great experience and I’m glad I did it, but I wasn’t happy with the result and the overall presentation. I have years of acting experience but hosting a talk show is still another thing. I am probably too introverted to feel comfortable in this kind of format, i guess. I still love the idea and The Hive is still something I want to try again when I am ready for this step.

I consider this a strategic retreat to reassess the whole concept. Now I can better evaluate the applicability of certain ideas. Things that didn’t work out this time will work out next time. I am privileged to have friends who supported me in every step in the making of The Hive, from concept to editing, and with their hands-on experience and feedback.

It was a great learning experience and despite the “failure”. I look back at it proudly. This experience reminds me of an advice by filmmaker Alex Ferrari on how to become a better artist: “Fail, and fail often”.